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Your child’s at home from school with nothing to do, and nowhere to go. As a parent you worry that they may get into  harm’s way or, at the very least idle their time away – thus their future is diminished!

The youth of Uniondale have far too often been subjected to gang violence and recruitment into gangs, drug addiction, teen pregnancies, bullying and other influences due to a lack of supervised places where they have opportunities to peacefully build social skills, recreate and foster promise for the future. Community members feel this can be successfully mitigated in a community center atmosphere. To confront the problem residents of Uniondale feel a full service community center is vital. 


Imagine a community center where the safety of our kids is assured, and where learning, recreation, and exploring is encouraged. Imagine John J. Byrne Community Center | UNIONDALE.

On Community Centers

Studies show that people are more likely to recall something they are shown than something they read about or see. What a great platform a community center can provide for this to take place!


Help our community flourish – Join our “Building Something New Together” campaign to build the John J. Byrne Community Center. Every donation counts, and no amount is too small.

Imagine the difference you make and the lives that will benefit from an Intergenerational, Multicultural, Fullservice community center! 

How to Give

Give with Your Credit Card 


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Make your check payable to:
Uniondale Neighborhood Center, Inc.
Mail to:
John J. Byrne Community Center | UNIONDALE
800 Jerusalem Avenue
P O Box 53
Uniondale, NY 11553-0053

We value our donors. Your level of donation is memorialized

We care where you choose to put your donation dollars. We make efficient use of the funds we receive.

Clarity of mission. We are clear about our mission to build.