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THE PROBLEM… Your child’s at home from school with nothing to do, and nowhere to go. You’re worried about his or her future and keeping them out of harm’s way. It’s an all too familiar concern of parents and grandparents alike for their young ones and teenagers.


THE SOLUTION… now, that there exists a familiar space just for our kids, where their safety is insured in an atmosphere where learning, recreation, and exploring is encouraged. Imagine that they are in a space where the nature of people in their orbit is warm, caring and understanding. Imagine that space is your very own John J. Byrne Community Center, designed especially to foster cohesive inter-generational, multi-cultural full-service community purposes.

Help us kickoff our “2019 Building Something New Together” campaign to build John J. Byrne Community Center. Donate Now and provide the foundation we need to fulfill our mission to build. Every donation counts and no amount is too small. And..To show you how much we value your giving we’ll formally recognize your donation and announce it to the world in perpetuity, if you choose! Donate Now #GivingTuesday is a good time to begin! Thank you for donating. 


The difference you can make!

How your donation will be used

Funds raised from this campaign will be allocated 75% to Capital Expansion Fund, 10% to Program Development, 10% to the Scholarship Funds, and 5% to Administrative Services and Operations.

John J. Byrne Community Center is the mission project of Uniondale Neighborhood Center, Inc. We were founded by grassroots community groups to build and provide a community center for all residents of the Uniondale Community. A nonprofit tax-exempt 501 c 3 corporation. As an organization administered by uncompensated community members without a paid staff 100% of all donations received benefit our stated mission.