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Community Centers should be a place of fun, exploring and learning for today’s next generation. Support #byrncenter.

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Endowment Option

Partnering with Vanguard Charitable, tax-exempt nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive endowment gifts, as grantees. Vanguard Charitable offers a solution for philanthropists who want to be strategic with their granting.Set up recurring grants. Contribute securities, mutual funds or special assets, which are liquidated by Vanguard Charitable. Establish a succession plan, ...

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Corporation Bylaws

To be useful in administering the organization’s corporate and exempt activities, it’s an essential part of each member’s responsibility to become familiar with our by-laws. Please, familiarize yourself with its various sections.

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Check Your Blood Pressure

You’re not tense, nervous, or jumpy…and you feel fine. So you couldn’t have high blood pressure…right? Wrong. Normally, there are no noticeable symptoms of high blood pressure (or “hypertension”) – despite the fact that it is a major cause of both heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure is usually ...

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