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The program is intended as an introduction to Martial Arts for Adults, ages 18 and over, including members of the golden years. We conduct classes at the following location.


Provide information on martial arts techniques through exercise and stretching designed to improve the strength and capacity of the body to function at optimal levels, thus potentially extending life and feelings of well-being. The sessions provide proper martial arts techniques that may be used in self-defense, and in situations of aggression. As a result of these sessions, the student’s self-esteem, independence, body, mind, and spirit may experience excellent benefits. Contact us for more information. 


Felix Guerra was first introduced to the Martial Arts in 1968 at The Tremont School of Judo and Ju Jitsu. His love of Martial Arts is evident by his continued training at Zerega School of Judo & Ju Jitsu, where he earned his Brown Belt and later, his Black Belt under Sensei Joe Villani at the Uniondale Community Council, Center for Judo and Ju-Jitsu Club.

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