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Be inspired to reach beyond and achieve MORE! First through relaxation techniques, then via visualization and projection. You have the talent; now learn how to develop and hone it. The workshops & conversations will provide a better understanding of the role spiritual and cosmic laws play in our life successes and failures. Besides the complement of Individual Classes, Customized sessions are also available, depending on participant interest. 

The Lecture Series

Self-Improvement Seminar & Understanding Your Dreams – The Self Improvement/Mastery lecture utilizes the principles and sciences of the inner consciousness, cosmic & spiritual law. It is based on the concept that anyone can learn to function at enhanced or higher mental states at inner consciousness levels, thus opening up a completely new dimension of communication channels, useful for educational purposes and self- improvement. We offer these courses in 3- 4-hour workshops presentations.

The Workshops

Our Lecture Series consists of a healthy list of workshops scheduled throughout the year that, in combination are designed to bring to the aspiring self-improvement learner a rich mind, body and spirit appreciation of their existence. Custom Classes are geared towards the individual’s needs. General conversation (one-on-one) to ascertain where the issues are and what they are. Formulate a goal for change – Practice the basics – Relaxation & Meditation & Programming – Follow-up (NOTE: More than 1 session may be necessary to obtain best results).


The course teaches participants to tune into the inner self to more effectively control stress, become more relaxed, visualize problems and solutions, memorize and initiate recall more easily and function at enhanced or higher mental states at inner consciousness levels. Techniques Include: Relaxation, Programming, Visualization and Projection. Price: $40/ per person per session REGISTER

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These sessions introduce individuals to the techniques of remembering or deeper recall. It first teaches you how to relax and have full control then be able to go deeper into the subconscious mind and remember events you may have consciously forgotten that has happened in your life, as well as in other lifetimes. ABOUT HYPNOSIS …

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Understanding how to program and interpret your dreams, and how to tap into energy fields via your cycles – Spiritual and cosmic laws. Dreams and What They Mean: Programming & Interpreting Dreams* – Participants learn how to program and interpret their dreams as well as work in harmony with the cosmic and spiritual laws to …

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