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Championing Community, Justice, and Equality

Our commitment at the John J. The Byrne Community Center lies in endorsing policies that encourage community growth, uphold social justice, and foster equal opportunities. We are firm believers that collaborative efforts can lead to significant positive transformations and nurture a thriving community environment.

As part of our mission, we extend our support to community groups whose objectives resonate with ours, playing an active role in local, state, and national advocacy undertakings.

We strongly encourage community members to become advocates for Uniondale by expressing support for relevant policies, joining local advocacy groups, and participating in community events. Your active engagement can significantly influence positive change in our community.

Recognizing the importance of community input on critical matters, we prioritize gathering insights through surveys and forums to shape our advocacy initiatives. We invite you to participate by referencing our events calendar, subscribing to our newsletter, or joining our online community discussions.

Resource Links:

For additional insights into advocacy and policy matters, we recommend the following resources:

Nassau County Government

Town of Hempstead

New York State Senate

New York State Assembly

Join us and make a difference !!

Full Time / Part Time

Utilize your supervisory and people skills and organizing talents.

Full Time

Volunteer in different capacities as they become available, and receive earned commendations, credits, and opportunities for community-wide acknowledgments for your service.

Part Time

Opportunities for teamwork, networking, and skill-building, while furthering valuable causes. 

Full Time / Part Time

Become a part of our marketing team to benefit your community.

Become a volunteer

Apply to volunteer at John J. Byrne Community Center. We have a wide range of opportunities available to meet your unique interests.