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John J Byrne Community Center offers recreation, after-school programs, and community development opportunities in one place, fostering youth development and community well-being.

For the disadvantaged youth in our community, we can solve the lack of activities necessary to impact their young lives positively – Prevent unsavory activities by providing programs and activities, along with community partners, that pique their interests while developing their life skills.

With your financial help, we can develop and expand new and existing programs they love and need. Help solve this problem by donating $100 to sponsor one kid in after-school programs for eight weeks! Imagine just one youth snatched from the clutches of boredom and despair or worst – like juvenile delinquency!

When you donate, you also subscribe to updates about the progress of our programs. We want you to see the ongoing results of your donation and promise to share monthly updates about the impact you are making.

Our main goals

Our goals are intricately connected, and by addressing specific related aspects our community benefits. 

Make a difference today

We encourage your generosity, but no amount is too small to make a difference. We simply urge you to take the first step to help us make that difference! Thank you for your generosity.

Other campaigns
Program Support

Help us development and improve the programs our community needs.


Help us provide scholarships to boost the workforce capacity.

Health and Wellness

Help build a healthier community with programs and services aimed at reducing chronic diseases through awareness.

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