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Welcome to our press room

As a focal point for community activities and events, we are dedicated to keeping the public informed about our latest news, programs, and developments. In our Press Room, you can discover our most recent press releases and news updates concerning the John J. Byrne Community Center.

Press Releases:

Browse through our latest press releases to stay updated on our center’s achievements and milestones:

[Insert recent press releases here]

Media Contact:

For media inquiries, please reach out to our Communications Director at or 516-554-8124. We are more than happy to assist with any questions or information requests you may have.

Images and Logos:

You are welcome to use our logos and images for news articles and publications related to the John J. Byrne Community Center. High-resolution versions of our logo and images can be provided upon request.

Our Commitment:

We strongly value transparency and open communication with the public and are dedicated to keeping our community well-informed. Thank you for your interest in the John J. Byrne Community Center.

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