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Our Vision

Expanding Our Impact

Future Plans for John J Byrne Community Center

We’re excited to announce the John J. Byrne Community Center’s expansion with a new 4,000-square-foot facility! This will significantly boost our daily services for youth, family, and community development activities.

The Uniondale Neighborhood Center’s John J. Byrne Community Center is currently hosting on its two properties youth organizations, a faith-based entity, community events, a martial arts club, and a community garden. A summer camp for ages 7-13, and a media production program for at-risk youth are its main attractions.

By acquiring a new 4,000-square-foot building via a community benefits agreement, we aim to broaden our services. This location’s potential for public accessibility will become our primary contact point, while our existing sites will continue in a supporting role.

Our vision leverages the Center’s infrastructure to create an inclusive environment for all to unite, learn, and grow. With strategic partnerships and commitment to positive impact, the John J. Byrne Community Center is uniquely poised for a future benefiting the entire community.